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WARNING: Due to the increasing fraudulent activities within the global token sales communities, XBrick will NOT at any point in time ask you to DEPOSIT tokens via private messages or from any form of social media channels. All Deposit Instructions will either be posted on THIS WEBSITE or EMAILED to you from [email protected]


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XBrick is proud to announce the official launch of our platform utility token - XBC

The next generation crypto-to-crypto-only exchange with built-in enhanced Dynamic-Liquidity-Providing-Engine

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  • Nov 2016
    Launched the XBrick project
  • Dec 2016
    XBrick technical team in place, development started
  • Jul 2017
    XBrick system 1.0 completed, internal testing
  • Sep 2017
    Venture round capital raising completed
  • Nov 2017
    Official launch of XBrick exchange (web-based)
    Official launch of XBrick trading app (Android)
  • Dec 2017
    Official launch of XBrick trading app (iOS)
    Global Consolidated Order Book program initiated
  • Feb 2018
    XBrick exchange charting system upgraded (web-based)
  • Mar 2018
    XBC Pre-sale round open
  • Q2 2018 Target
    Launch XBC public sale
    Dynamic-Liquidity-Providing-Engine added to XBrick Exchange
    Welcome market-makers
  • Ongoing activities
    Continuous system and technology upgrades and R&D to become a First-Tier CRYPTOCURRENCIES EXCHANGE


XBrick Coin (XBC)


XBrick Coin is created with the primary purpose of allowing its platform users to use the XBC to pay for trading fees on XBrick.


Some services on the XBrick platform will be exclusive and can be purchased only by using XBC.


XBrick currently has 4 crypto currency marketplaces to buy/sell other tokens. Under certain conditions XBrick may include XBC as a new marketplace.


XBC holders may be offered exclusive participation for other token sales with XBrick networks and partners.


Initially XBC will be hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. Over time the technical team will consider to develop a new and independent public blockchain for XBC, at which point it will be withdrawn from the Ethereum system.


  • Leafer Zhao

    Chief Executive Officer

    Leafer is a core founder and executive director of Vs Capital in Australia. Vs Capital targets investment in the fintech and agricultural sectors and is currently reviewing opportunities in the mining renewable energy and property sectors.

    Prior to joining VS Capital, Leafer worked in a boutique private investment house, Wingate. In this role he accesses funding from institutions, family offices and high net worth investors to make successful investments in the fintech, property, transportation and mining services sectors. In undertaking these transactions his focus was on complex high yield structured finance and risk mitigation solutions.

    Before joining the finance industry, Leafer did two years academic research in actuarial studies and big data modelling at Macquarie University. What Leafer focused on was by utilising the combination of Monte Carlo simulation and Gibbs sampling to select the statistics modelling parameters that best fit the motor vehicle insurance claims data.

  • Bill Richie Yang

    Chief Operations Officer

    Richie was a co-founder of Sydney based Vs Capital Group. Vs Capital was also an early investor in numerous fintech startups including, which is an online B2B platform having bridged more than AUD150 million of debt finance for small Australian businesses.

    In the past 10 years, Richie held numerous senior management and board positions in ASX listed companies, been responsible for business development, capital markets, corporate restructures and mergers and acquisitions. Richie is very familiar with developed countries’ financial market operations and has an in-depth view and understanding of the international capital markets. Richie currently holds a directorship in ASX listed multi-million ounce gold mining development company.

    Richie graduated from the University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Commerce (major in Business Economics and Finance).

  • Mike Ye

    Chief Risk Officer

    Mike has over a decade experience in the financial services industry, predominantly in consumer credit and funds management. Most recently he was the capital management director at Bluestone Capital and prior to that he was portfolio manager at Challenger Limited. At Bluestone, Mike has overseen the issuance of over AUD1.5 billion of residential mortgage backed securities and at Challenger, he was responsible for managing $A1 billion Australian structure debt portfolio.

    Mike graduated with a double degree, Bachelor of Commerce (major in Actuarial Studies) and Bachelor of Science (major in Statistics) from the University of New South Wales.

  • Nick Cheng

    Trading System Advisor

    Nick brings more than a decade of experience in high frequency trading, automated market making and trading system architecture to XBrick's advisory board. He is currently a Portfolio Manager at WaterValley Capital Management overseeing the quantitative hedge fund's volatility strategies.

    Throughout the years, he has closely worked with world's top stock exchanges such as the Japan Exchange (JPX), Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX), Singapore Exchange (SGX) and Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) as their designated liquidity provider.

    Prior to that, he was a Head Derivatives Trader at Liquid Capital, a global proprietary trading company, where he specialised in trading both exchange listed and OTC derivatives markets.

    Nick began his career at Optiver, a world leading high frequency trading giant. He holds a degree in Actuarial Science from University of New South Wales.

  • Dwayne Gamman

    System Development Advisor

    Dwayne is a seasoned C# /. NET Senior Developer within Financial Markets.

    His experience has been gained through both trading and development within Hedge Funds, Derivatives and Equities Market Making firms including Liquid Capital Markets and Blue Fin Trading.

    He has delivered a wide range of trading systems including trading and hedging strategies, derivatives pricing, risk management, pre and post trade analytics and automation.

    A keen Excel expert with experience in financial modeling and automation, Dwayne merges the gap between trading and technology.

    Technically, a very savvy coder (.Net 4.5) with strong database experience in addition to REST API, python, socket programming, WCF and WPF.

  • Yun Lin

    Cyber Security Advisor

    Yun is the Vice-President of Engineering APAC at Contino, a global consultancy that enables organisations to accelerate innovation by adopting Enterprise DevOps and cloud-native computing. He is a veteran technologist, international speaker, winner of 2 security debates across both red and blue teams.

    Yun envisioned and led the implementation of an infinitely scalable cloud based serverless platform at Amaysim, an Australian telecommunications enterprise that grew a market capitalization in less than two years from AUD20 to over AUD300 million. Yun is also advisor to various venture capitalists and investment funds as he brings a wealth of experience building, scaling and securing mission critical systems across multiple startups (fintech, foodtech, proptech), telecoms (Telstra, Optus), and investment managers (Macquarie, BlackRock).

    Yun is a certified AWS solutions architect, holds a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance from Macquarie University and Bachelor of Computer Science from University of New South Wales.

  • Brenda Saveluc

    Legal Advisor

    Brenda Saveluc is the founder of BlackGold Legal. She’s a straight talking, freelance commercial and corporate M&A lawyer who works with blockchain and other cool tech companies. With more than a decade of experience working in accounting and law, Brenda is passionate about blockchain technology and loves working with tech clients all over the world.

    Brenda has worked in corporate advisory at international top-tier law firm Norton Rose Fulbright Prior and at boutique firm Aura Legal. Before becoming a lawyer, she was in financial assurance and audit at PricewaterhouseCoopers, focused on the banking, finance and property industries. She holds a Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Technology, Sydney.

  • Virginia Lam

    Head of Marketing

    Virginia is an entrepreneur with a genuine passion for marketing. She is co-founder and managing director at V Partnership and, having spent the last 18 month focusing her business in the crypto market space, advised and consulted for a number of high quality projects, including her very recent successful involvment with The Abyss ICO. Abyss currently has 230,000 Twitter Followers and over 60,000 Telegram Group users. Virginia was marketing director at Ensogo/ BEECRAZY which sold for US$21m to iBuy Group in 2013. She holds BA in Psychology and English, University of Sydney, Australia.

  • David Coe

    Chief Editor

    David is a master of communicating in words and graphics and worked for major newspapers that include the Financial Review, the Australian, and The Times in London. He has also held senior positions in the institutional research departments of Macquarie Bank and Ord Minnett. His role is to ensure XBrick’s documents are powerfully engaging.

  • Chloe Liu

    Digital Marketing Advisor

    Chloe is Managing Director of Viva Results where she specialises in dIgital advertising and marketing. She also run webinars that help businesses to find their customer base that lead directly to sales.

    Chloe also worked for many years in the Forex trading industry with extensive exposure to the Forex marketing programs and sales expertise. Chloe graduated from the University of New South Wales with a Master of Commerce with Banking & Accounting Majors.


Token Sale Details

Expression of Interest
Token Distribution
  • 5% 50,000,000 XBC

    Advisory team +
    promotional incentives

  • 15% 150,000,000 XBC

    Angels early contributions

  • 30% 300,000,000 XBC

    Exchange reserve +
    founding team incentives

  • 50% 500,000,000 XBC

    Token Sale

Maximum amount of XBC tokens to be generated: 1,000,000,000 XBC
Token: XBC (ERC20)
Hardcap: 50,000 ETH
PreSale Starting Date: TBA
Pre-sale Price: 1 ETH = 15,000 XBC
Public Sale start Date: TBA
Public Sale Price: 1 ETH = 10,000 XBC

Expression of Interest

Welcome to XBC Token Sale (Pre-sale EOI Stage)!

Please take 60 seconds to read and complete this section and submit your EOI.

* Your email address (also to be used to register your XBrick account)

Your telegram user name

XBrick global exchange Telegram group:

EOI Amount Confirmation Policy (Pre-sale EOI Stage):

All EOI stage amount applied will have a chance to receive allocation prior to the official launch of Pre-sale. Your EOI Amount will be confirmed upon completion of registration and KYC (Know-Your-Client) real name verification with XBrick. (You will be redirected to the XBrick registration webpage upon completion of this EOI)

Prior to official opening of the XBC Presale and following your completion of Registration and KYC, You and all other EOI applicants will be given a 72 hours head-start to complete your token payments to secure your allocation.

The purchase price is 15,000 XBC = 1 ETH. This purchase price is determined by ETH. The BTC and EOS equivalent purchase price will be calculated and announced before the public token sale round.

* Please indicate the amount with which you want to participate in the token sale

  • ETH
  • BTC
  • EOS

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Once submitted you will receive a confirmation email and be directed to the XBrick Registration page for Account Registration.